"2013" Featured Movies

Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild (2013)

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Ashens embarks on a quest to find the legendary and elusive piece of electronic tat known as the GameChild.

The El Chupugcabra (2013)

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Despite the insane warnings around them a young family decides to adopt a pug with a supposed evil streak.

Sad Monster (2013)

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A coming of age story every monster should fear. Sweet little Maja banishes Sad Monster from the closet he has called home for so long. Lost and confused, Sad Monster ventures into the outside world for the first time forced to find purpose for his life. Guckadoo!!!.

Spring Breakers (2013)

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Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer.

Die andere Heimat - Chronik einer Sehnsucht (2013)

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Jakob longs for a new life for himself and his troubled family in Brazil.

Beyond the Call to Duty (2013)

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Five Spec Ops, Alpha Squad, head a simple Recon Mission that turns into an all out war for survival against a wave of undead experiments. Alpha Squad must fight, not just for the sake of their own survival, but the fate of the world.

Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball (2013)

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Jeanice Brooks,Hilary Davidson,Ivan Day,Olivia Lewis,Stuart Marsden,

Vuelve (2013)

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A visual incursion into the troubles psyche of a young boy whose unstable and manipulative mother committed suicide in front of him.